Nabriva Therapeutics AG

Leberstrasse 20
1110 Vienna, Austria

T +43 (0)1 740 93-0
F +43 (0)1 740 93-1900

Commercial Register File No. (Firmenbuchnummer): 269261 y

Competent Commercial Register Court (zuständiges Firmenbuchgericht): Commercial Court of Vienna, Marxergasse 1a, A-1030 Vienna

VAT Identification Number (UID-Nummer): ATU62319422

Competent Supervisory Authorities:

  • Vienna City Administration, Municipal Department 63 (Magistrat der Stadt Wien, MA63), Wipplingerstraße 8, A-1010 Vienna
  • Federal Office for Security in the Health Care Sector (Bundesamt für Sicherheit im Gesundheitswesen), Schnirchgasse 9, A-1030 Vienna

Competent Economic Chamber: Vienna Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Wien),

Applicable Business Regulations:

  • Austrian Business and Trade Code, Federal Law Gazette 1994/194, as amended by Federal Law Gazette I 2006/161 (Gewerbeordnung, BGBl 1994/194, idF BGBl I 2006/161);
  • Austrian Act on Pharmaceutical Products, Federal Law Gazette 1983/185, as amended by Federal Law Gazette I 153/2005 (Arzneimittelgesetz, BGBl 1983/185 idF BGBl I 153/2005);

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