ID Week 2016

Nabriva presented posters on Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis for Lefamulin and Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Target Attainment Analyses to Support Oral Lefamulin Dose Selection in the Treatment of Patients with Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia at the IDWeek conference in New Orleans, LA.

ICAAC 2016

Nabriva presented one poster on the in vitro activity of lefamulin against Mycoplasma pneumoniae at ICAAC 2016 (Boston, MA).

ID Week 2015

Nabriva presented one poster on Lefamulin target attainment at the 2015 Infectious Diseases Week conference (San Diego, CA).

ICAAC 2014

Nabriva presented data on lefamulin (BC-3781) demonstrating favorable penetration into the human lung

ICAAC 2012

Nabriva presented microbiology results of the Phase 2 pleuromutilin BC‑3781, indicating low potential for the emergence of resistant staphylococcal and streptococcal isolates in the clinical setting


Nabriva presented assessment of early-response outcome measures in a Phase 2 ABSSSI clinical trial of its pleuromutilin compound BC‑3781


Nabriva presented data suggesting no major CYP450-mediated drug-drug interactions are expected with BC‑3781

ICAAC 2010

Nabriva presented data showing that BC‑3781 can be used orally and intravenously for the treatment of skin and lung infections caused by MRSA and other bacteria. The antimicrobial spectrum of BC‑3781 and its efficacy in non-clinical studies of both skin and lung infections, and data showing the favourable pharmacokinetics of the molecule in clinical Phase 1 i.v. studies support further development of this agent

ICAAC 2009

Nabriva presented data on antimicrobial activity and spectrum of investigational pleuromutilins being developed for topical (BC‑7013) and systemic (BC‑3205) use